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Team Work


Funding research to eliminate juvenile diabetes, improve quality of life, and provide resources and medical equipment to those in need.


Dr. Scott Grodman's sons Jared and Adam were diagnosed with Insulin dependent diabetes at the age of 15 months. Initially, Karyn and Scott started a fun run to raise money for research to assist in finding a cure for this long term, devastating disease. Over the years, they established The Grodman Cure Foundation.

The Foundation has had numerous fundraisers over the years, raising nearly 2 million dollars helping to fund research projects.As many people know, 10 years ago, for Dr. Grodman's 50th birthday, he rode his bike from Chicago to Detroit. He raised over $50,000 and funded research at Tel Aviv university.  Now, for his 60th birthday, he changed it up a little. He'll be riding 600 miles locally, on his stationary bike, touring bike, and Peleton bike. He plans on alternating between the three bikes, for a 100miles per day.

Find times here that Dr. Grodman will be on the Peleton bike for individual classes so you can ride along with him.  He would love for everyone to get the word out and help donate money to the Grodman Cure Foundation, so he can continue to fund research projects to help support a cure for Diabetes. My goal is $60,000 (Hopefully we exceed that amount).


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